United Kingdom

The School of Medicine is based on the University of Dundee’s Ninewells campus, co-located with Ninewells hospital (one of the largest teaching hospitals in the UK). We are rated first in the UK for the clinical impact of our research in REF2014, with 95% of staff working in areas of national or international excellence. Translational research and teaching in the School of Medicine focuses on the application of discovery, knowledge transfer, research and innovation, improving our understanding and treatment of disease and the maintenance of health. Our shared vision is to develop a vibrant community where the interconnected activities of research and teaching are uniformly respected, discussed and valued, and where we train the next generation of clinical and non-clinical academics. The diabetes research programme in UNIVDUN is multidisciplinary and of outstanding quality being in the top four of Diabetes UK funded Research Institutes every year since 2010. UNIVDUN is a participating partner in a number of European-Funded IMI initiatives in Diabetes such as RHAPSODY (115881) and BEAt-DKD (115974). Our group has a strong track record in translational metabolism research. Our main task is to provide overall leadership of the discovery research that will be conducted in Hypo-RESOLVE. WP2 will examine the mechanisms leading to the development of impaired awareness of hypoglycaemia; a condition that effects approx. 25% of all people with type 1 diabetes and a significant number of people with longer duration type 2 diabetes. We will lead on the discovery of novel targets that contribute to the development of impaired awareness of hypoglycaemia as well as examining the long-term organ-specific consequences of recurrent hypoglycaemia (WP2). In addition, we will provide additional samples from on-going human studies that will contribute to the study of inflammatory responses to hypoglycaemia, and will also play a lead role in helping develop a network of clinical investigators in Europe with a focus on pre-clinical and clinical research on hypoglycaemia in diabetes. We are also involved and providing clinical insights in discussing the work plan for investigating cut-points for hypoglycaemia (WP4), will contribute to the execution of clinical studies performed in WP5, will contribute to the behavioural and patient-related outcomes research in WP6 and on assessing the economic consequences of hypoglycaemia (WP7).

Prof. Rory J. McCrimmon

MBChB, MD, FRCPE, is Dean of Medicine, UNIVDUN, and Professor of Experimental Diabetes and Metabolism with a strong track record in translational research in hypoglycaemia. He was awarded the Diabetes UK RD Lawrence lecture in 2015 for his contribution to hypoglycaemia research. He is currently Lead Clinician for Scottish Diabetes Research Network and serves as an Associate Editor for Diabetologia and on the editorial board of Diabetes Care. He is a faculty member of the International Hypoglycaemia Study Group as well as the JDRF PEAK programme on exercise in type 1 diabetes. He is on the scientific review boards for Diabetes UK, the Medical Research Council and the JDRF.