Within Hypo-RESOLVE, a governance model has been agreed to ensure suitable levels of cooperation, scientific exchange and project management, as well as a decision making process, in order to reach the project objectives.

Strategic Advisory BoardGeneral Assembly1 representative from each partnerEthics BoardManaging BoardCoordination TeamRUMC, USFD, NN, JDRFWP3 – Pooled clinical dataWP4 – Definition of HypoWP6 – Psychlogical burdenWP2 – Non-clinical studiesWP1Project ManagementPatient organisationsHCT, T1D Exchange, IDFPatient Advisory CommitteeWP5 – Glucose measurement techniquesWP7 – Economic consequencesWP8 – Regulators and Stakeholders

The governance of the consortium is a multilayer structure that will include all partners grouped in the General Assembly (GA), a Managing Board (MB) made up of a subset of partners, and a Coordination Team (CT).

The Hypo-RESOLVE management and governance structure will:

  • provide support for individual scientists to ensure that project objectives are achieved;
  • monitor and control the progress of each work package;
  • coordinate project activities;
  • implement quality control mechanisms by defining appropriate project standards; and
  • ensure targeted dissemination of knowledge.