People with Diabetes (PwD)

The Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) has been instrumental to Hypo-Resolve from the beginning of the project. The role of the PAC is to give voice to their insights, desire and experiences to help ensure that Hypo-RESOLVE’s direction, goals and strategy are closely aligned with the goals of people living with, and affected by diabetes.

Photo of Simon O’Neill, UK

Hypo-RESOLVE ofers a great opportunity to talk with other people with diabetes about their own experiences and learn from them. And an opportunity to learn more about hypos from a multitude of perspectives.

Simon O’Neill, UK
Type 1 (more than 25 years)
Photo of Mohamed Hamid, Marocco

Hypoglycaemia is a huge burden on people living with diabetes. They live in fear of the symptoms which can happen daily. I hope that Hypo-RESOLVE will be able to translate the findings into recommendations that can help sufferers.

Mohamed Hamid, Marocco
Type 2 (more than 25 years)

The Patient Advisory Committee is working within and across Work Packages serving as an advisory resource to Hypo-RESOLVE by for example:

Advising the different work packages around PwD aspects

Providing advice for the design of clinical trials and informed consent wording

Advising on communication of results to the wider public

Helping disseminate information through PwD community networks


Our committee, consisting of seven people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, representatives from the patient organizations IDF and JDRF and representatives from NovoNordisk, helps to ensure that Hypo-RESOLVE operates with a patient-centric approach and delivers specific outcomes with the potential to improve the lives of people with diabetes.

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