United Kingdom

The University of Cambridge has been consistently ranked as one of the World’s top 5 leading universities. The IMS is on the Cambridge Biomedical campus which includes the University Hospital (Addenbrookes), University of Cambridge Clinical School and pharmaceutical (Astra Zeneca/ Medimmune) partners. The IMS consists of (i) the Wolfson adult and Weston paediatric diabetes/ endocrine clinics (ii) the MRC Epidemiology unit (iii) the University of Cambridge Metabolic Research Laboratories with 180 staff and > 20 PIs including Evans and (iv) a newly opened translational research facility (TRF) co-located with an existing NIHR/ Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility allowing translation of pre-clinical work into clinical studies.

Within the HypoRESOLVE consortium, the University of Cambridge will be (i) using pre-clinical models to try and identify whay some people with diabetes fail to recognize and mount defensive responses to hypoglycaemia and (2) helping with the incorporation of clinical research data to allow us to look for predictors of hypoglycaemia from large clinical trial databases.

Dr Mark Evans

has an outstanding research record in both human and pre-clinical rodent research into the pathophysiology of hypoglycaemia. He also sits on a number of UK national committees (Diabetes UK [DUK] Science and Research Advisory Group, national DAFNE (offering patient training in self-management skills) executive, Chair of a DUK Clinical Studies Group and UK Government’s Advisory Board for Driving and Diabetes).