New Podcast Series: Patient Engagement in Research Initiatives: The Hypo-RESOLVE Approach

We are proud to introduce our brand-new Hypo-RESOLVE podcast series: “Patient Engagement in Research Initiatives: The Hypo-RESOLVE Approach”.

In this eight-episode series, we are shining a light on the value of patient engagement in general and the innovative way the Hypo-RESOLVE project approaches patient engagement. Scientists, clinicians and members of our Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) discuss the progress in the different work areas of the project and give valuable insight into the experiences of including people with diabetes (PwD) in research initiatives from both perspectives.

You can subscribe to the show via Spotify or Apple Podcasts, so you will never miss an episode. In our very first episode, Enrico Mastroianni from Novo Nordisk and Simon O’Neill from our Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) talk about the challenges and, of course, the many benefits of involving people with diabetes as equal partners in huge research consortia, such as Hypo-RESOLVE.

Be sure to catch our next episode next Tuesday, when we are trying to make sense of the effects and consequences of hypoglycaemia and tell you more about our work within the Hypo-RESOLVE project. Thanks for listening!

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