Hypo-RESOLVE at #ADA 2022

It’s a wrap: We would like to thank all Hypo-RESOLVE speakers and participants for presenting our research at the scientific sessions at ADA 2022 in New Orleans - we had a blast. We would like to provide you with a little recap on Hypo-RESOLVE contributions, if you weren’t able to attend or missed anything.

Natalie Zaremba, Patrick Divilly (KCL) and Melanie Broadley (SDU) presented posters on their research.

Pratik Choudhary (KCL) chaired a great mini-symposium in which a person living with diabetes presented her view on hypoglycaemia and its complications and Pratik provided the clinicians perspective.

On day 4, Uffe Søholm (SDU) and Clementine Verhulst (RUMC) provided two extraordinary oral presentations in the session “Impact of Hypoglycemia on Heart, Brain, and Immuno-Response”, which led to great discussions and reflections. The Hypo-METRICS data presented are also highlighted in the ADA Highlights by Close Concerns (registration needed) and diaTribe.

Several Hypo-RESOLVE members including Simon Heller (USFD), Mark Evans (UCAM), Ulrik Pedersen-Bjergaard (NOH), and Pratik Choudhary (KCL) actively participated in the discussions and highlighted the excellence of this session dedicated to hypoglycaemia and the benefits of finally meeting in person again.

Looking forward to ADA 2023, the ADA sessions will be held in San Diego, California, USA from 23 – 27 June 2023.