Work Package 2 “Studies addressing the mechanisms and consequences of hypoglycaemia“ gathering for a day full of science and personal interactions

An extremely successful Hypo-RESOLVE work package 2 (WP2) face-to-face meeting was held in Copenhagen on January 17 with representatives from almost all partners participating. The full day meeting started with a mini-symposium covering all the research topics in WP2 with introductions to the specific areas by the PIs followed by superb presentations from our PhD students and post-doctoral fellows describing their projects. There were over 70 people in attendance, including 30 members of WP2 as well as Novo Nordisk and external partners involved in other Hypo-RESOLVE work packages, or scientists just interested in hypoglycaemia in general. There was a lively scientific discussion with a good exchange of ideas and suggestions all around.

Following the mini-symposium, the WP2 group transferred to Hvidøre conference center for a deep dive into the methodologies to ensure standardization and consistency across the sites for better comparability. Study protocols were coordinated to maximize the data that can be generated from each experiment and plans were made to share bio-samples. All in all, a great day full of science and personal interactions.